The Path of Peace

We live in a world that longs for peace - peace between hostile nations, divided political parties, distant family members - to name only a few.  But these aren't the only areas in which we long for peace.  We also want peace amidst the storms of life.  We want peace in the midst of the anxieties that bring us to our knees.  We want peace that will bring the quiet that we so desire in our mind, body and soul.

In this teaching series, The Path of Peace, we'll examine the disordered lives of several well-known biblical characters.  And as we do so, we'll see how they dealt with life's storms, and how it is that they ultimately found their way back to a restored and peaceful way of living.  The Good News is this: just as they found it, we too can find this same peace as we get back on and follow the Path of Peace.